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N.S.A Spring Development Program

NeverSleepAthletics strives to provide an education platform for our student athletes to Learn , Compete , Grow and Play the game that they love. This Development team Aspect of NeverSLeepAthletics will provide athletes the opportunity to do just that. We provide a enviornment for athletes to come in and; Train, Learn and Present the new skills, habits and development that they have received through our program. We are the Development Bridge for Minnesota Magic AAU Club.

Spring Teams Information:


12U - 14U boys who want the opportunity to grow and compete in a low pressure enviromenmt. 


 Teams will have 1 Team practice & 1 Large Group training session a week, where our skilled trainers will take them through the process of development and understanding of the game.


Teams will play in 7-10 Local low pressure events through out the spring season in  order to take the things they learned from our skills trainers, and apply it in real time.


N.S.A Alliance Program

Have your own athletes? Have your own coach? Just need structure? NO PROBLEM!

Join our NSA Alliance program where we will host your teams for you set you up with all of the resources you need to give your youth an opportunity to continue to grow through out the spring and summer.

- Uniforms

- Tournaments

- Practice Space

This is your opportunity to stay together!

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