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Session Booking

All sessions must be booked and paid for when scheduled. Any individual failing to do so will be dropped at the conclusion of a no show. Athletes and parents must book sessions at least 3 days in advance

Cancellation Policies

***Private Sessions*** Sessions cancelled must be cancelled (48 hours) prior to session time for full reimbursement. Any individual failing to do so will result in forfeit of funds.

***Group Sessions *** Sessions are "non refundable" if not canceled before 48 hours of the Scheduled session.


(Eagan Community Center Funds Forfeit: $50 )

(Kennedy Activity Center Funds Forfeit: $20)


Bundle booking 

All bundles expire 30 days after the 1st training session. Any sessions unused will be forfeited.


Late: $5 fee every 3 days over

Failure to pay: after 10 days over due on payment will result in deleted invoice but ban from  training with neversleepathletics

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