NeverSleepAthletics skills and development training is an elite skills and development training company who's mission is to; Teach, Enhance, and create new and effective ways to become an elite basketball player.



Our Creator? Cornell Pillow.

Cornell Pillow, A young man who had a passion for the game beyond himself. Cornell grew up in apple valley minnesota where he was exposed to elite talent such as; Gary Trent Jr (Portland Trailblazers) Tre Jones (San Antonio Spurs) and Tyus Jones ( Memphis Grizzlies ) and Elite level Coaching; Jadee Jones , Zach Goring (Multi state championship coach). There is where cornell saw what it took for guys to get to the next level, after hopping schools a few times, cornell landed at St Cloud Technical college (D3 JUCO) at the age of 18 he begin coaching minnesota magic AAU organization, 16U Elite level. in year 2 he had a partial tear in his left meniscus. After many conversations he continued to let it self heal and in that season landing a offer from Craig Doty of Graceland University and graduating St Cloud Technical college with his AAS in business marketing and management and his coaching certification. In that summer cornell dealt with many issues that effected his cardiovascular system. After 4 weeks in he could no longer perform and left graceland. After resolving those issues he attended hamline university where he then developed Back issues with his muscles and decided that was the last straw. After game 1 taking a hit, he decided his basketball career was over. 


Cornell then begin to really dig into his passion, he was now 21 years old and in his 3rd year coaching AAU and his 1st year coaching girls high school basketball, he continued on to coach High school and AAU basketball all while beginning to take on basketball coaching and training as a true profession.


At this present moment , cornell pillow resides in Eagan MN where he is currently the Owner of Neversleepathletics Training company and Minnesota Magic AAU Organization.





Cornell Pillow

3 Years Boys High school Basketball Coaching - 1 Year of girls high school basketball coaching - 6 Years of high school boys AAU coaching - 1 year of Middle school basketball coaching - 1 year of travel basketball coaching - 7 Years of skills and development training - Coaching Certified - NASM Certified - 2 Years of AAU Ownership -Youth | High school | College | Professional Training experience